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When leaving employment with the University of Cambridge, you do not need to inform the Pensions Section unless you are planning to retire and take your pension immediately.


Otherwise, we will be notified by your department of your leaving, and will write to you accordingly with either:

  • A statement of your deferred pension entitlement (for leavers with 2 or more years’ membership)
  • A statement of refund entitlement (for leavers with less than 2 years’ membership). This also details the option of transferring your benefits elsewhere.



Transferring-Out of the CPS

You can investigate transferring your CPS benefits out of the scheme to another HMRC-approved UK or Overseas scheme at any point you wish before the benefits come into payment. Please write to the Pensions Office with your name and national insurance number, stating your intention to investigate a transfer and the name of your new provider. We can then write to them with the current transfer value of your CPS liability, which they can use to provide you with a quotation.



Keep us informed

Once you’ve left, please keep us informed of any changes of name or address so that we can keep in contact with you. If we don’t know where you are, we can’t pay your pension when the time comes. Click HERE to access our various update forms.