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Student Hardship Loan Fund (Loan Fund I)

Loan Fund I is available to provide interest-free loans to under or post graduate students who find themselves in unexpected financial hardship.

It is expected that students will have explored all other avenues before making an application for an advance from Loan Fund I.  This means the student should have already applied for remission of fees and assistance from his or her College and/or department.  Prior to making an application for an advance from Loan Fund I, the student should have made applications to all appropriate sources of funds including Student Loan Company and the University and College hardship funds.

Loan Fund I Application Process

An application for an advance should be made, via the College verifying the information given by the student is true to the best of the tutors knowledge using the Loan Fund I application form: application form  Please submit the application form, tutors reference and any supporting documentation to

If an advance is granted, at the time the loan is made the student will be expected to agree a reasonable schedule of repayments following the completion of his/her course of study and to sign a Banker’s Order form so that repayments can commence on the agreed date. A guarantor may be required particularly if the advance is a large amount.

Further Support

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