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Members who joined the scheme before 01/01/2013 will have accrued final salary benefits for service through to 31/12/2012 and CRB benefits for service from 01/01/2013 onward. Members in this section of the scheme will have all of their pension administered by our office unless they have chosen to set up an additional defined contribution fund with SEI Capita.

The full scheme rules are available at: The CPS Scheme Rules  and 2004 Scheme Changes

If you are looking for forms or reporting a death please see the CPS homepage.

On this page this you can find-


Detailed Guidance

SEI Master Trust



The following document offers an overview of the CRB section of the CPS and provides a good starting point for understanding your pension-

CRB Scheme Guide


Detailed Guidance

The following factsheets cover specific areas of the CRB section of the CPS in more detail-

Factsheet 1 Eligibility

Factsheet 2 Retirement Benefits

Factsheet 3 Contributions

Factsheet 4 Salary Sacrifice

Factsheet 5 Topping up your Benefits

Factsheet 6 Early Retirement

Factsheet 7 Late Retirement

Factsheet 8 Pension Increases

Factsheet 9 Death Benefits

Factsheet 10 Leaving Service

Factsheet 11 Ill Health and Incapacity Retirement

Factsheet 12 Transfers

Factsheet 13 Divorce

Factsheet 14 State Pension Benefits

Factsheet 15 Disputes and Complaints

Factsheet 16 Flexible Retirement

Factsheet 17 Absence (including Maternity / Paternity, sabbatical and sickness leave)


SEI Master Trust

Members of the CRB section of the CPS do not automatically accrue a defined contribution fund but can commence one by paying AVCs or by completing a transfer in from an external pension scheme. The defined contribution fund is administered by SEI Capita.

Members can view and manage their SEI Capita fund online by registering here.

Unless you have chosen otherwise SEI Capita will invest your fund using the default investment strategy outlined in the following factsheet-

SEI Default Fund

The following factsheets give details of the performance of the various SEI funds-

SEI Aggressive

SEI Alternative Lifestyle Fund

SEI Core Fund

SEI UK Core Fixed Interest (GBP)

SEI Defensive Fund

SEI Growth Fund

SEI Moderate Fund

SSgA Sterling Liquidity

SSgA Global Equity 50:50 Index Fund